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The second class of ILI Fellows will begin their one-year program in the fall of 2019, following an opportunity during the summer to visit campus to meet with faculty mentors and staff advisors to determine a course of tailored study and make arrangements for living in the Notre Dame/South Bend community. The program will follow the Notre Dame academic calendar.

Below, please find the dates for the 2019-2020 program: 

  • July 10 - 12, 2019
    ILI Discovery Session
  • August 24 - 25, 2019
    ILI Welcome Week 
  • August 26, 2019
    Fall Semester Classes Begin

ILI Core Program Elements Include:

  • Development of a tailored curriculum, under the guidance of a faculty mentor, with selected classes and research opportunities from across the University
  • Activities and enrichment options for the cohort of fellows and spouses/life partners
  • Access to Notre Dame’s student resources
  • An invitation to spiritual development, based in a Catholic or other religious tradition
  • Opportunities for fellows to be invited to guest lecture and share their areas of expertise with faculty, staff, and community leaders to make a difference on campus and beyond.

Unique Aspects of the Program:

  • A core curriculum designed to provide exposure to the best of Notre Dame faculty and selected outside speakers across all disciplines
  • Engagement in research with students and/or faculty in the fellow’s desired area of study
  • Access to Notre Dame’s expansive global network - the Global Gateways, based in London, Rome, Dublin, Jerusalem, and Beijing – and exposure to a myriad of the University’s domestic and international initiatives
  • Weekly cohort luncheons and dinners featuring top faculty and external guest speakers and discussions, as well as planned cultural and sporting events on campus and in South Bend and Chicago
  • The opportunity to experience learning as service to justice through engagement with the local community
  • An invitation to spiritual enrichment for those of all faiths
  • A discernment process for those who know they want to transition to something new but are uncertain as to what best to pursue
  • Participation in campus activities, both with students and for students
  • An opportunity for fellows and their spouses/life partners to build lifelong relationships with members of their cohorts as well as the broader University community.

Housing and Living in South Bend:

  • South Bend, IN, is the home to the University of Notre Dame and, together with its neighboring city, Mishawaka, has a population of over 320,000. Located just 90 miles east of Chicago, South Bend offers many attractive residence options from homes to apartments to condominiums to full service hotels, and we are happy to assist you in finding suitable housing. Find more information about South Bend at find.nd.edu and at www.southbendin.gov.

Program Cost and Commitment:

Annual Fees and Scholarship Opportunities

  • The annual fee for the academic year commencing in the fall will be $50,000 for fellows and $25,000 for spouses or life partners who plan to actively participate in the program offerings.
  • To accept an offer of admission, a deposit of $5,000 is requested. 
    • The ILI program desires to have a cohort of accomplished leaders from a broad spectrum of backgrounds and accordingly is proud to have the capacity to carefully consider each applicant without regard to financial capacity and offer full scholarship support, including stipends for expenses, for prospective fellows who are appropriate for this program and who would otherwise not be able to attend.

What is the expected time commitment from fellows and spouses actively engaged in the ILI?

  • We recognize that fellows and spouses have other obligations to family and interests. We are seeking individuals who not only want to play an active role in their own journey, but also want to give back to the Notre Dame community and the cohort. Between auditing classes and cohort initiatives, we recommend a minimum commitment of 15-17 days per month in South Bend to optimize the ILI experience for the fellow, the cohort, and the community.
  • We also recognize that your spouse or life partner may not be interested in fully engaging in the ILI, and welcome participation from social participation to full fellow status. We look forward to providing resources and support to ensure a rewarding experience for your spouse during this year of transition for your family.
  • We believe you will find an academic year to actually be a relatively brief period of time, considering the many years you have invested in getting to where you are as an accomplished leader. Thoughtfully transitioning the expertise, relationships, and passions you have developed into a new focus in a resource-rich environment like a university campus helps to ensure you make the right choices for what should be the most fulfilling part of your life.
  • The program is designed with the flexibility to allow for you to continue to be involved in the family, community, and board activities you continue to be engaged in while participating in this rare opportunity to discern, discover, and pursue your mission at this stage in life.