Inspiring Conversations
Transforming Lives and Lives Transformed

In March, we will be presenting the second round of our digital series, “Inspiring Conversations,” which will focus on "Transforming Lives and Lives Transformed." Open to all, it will feature leaders from across many disciplines, industries, and ministries. 

Our inaugural series launched this past fall with the theme of “Leading People in an Ever-Changing World.” Through stories, perspectives, and lessons learned from their own experiences, the speakers reflected not only on their expertise—but also their humanity—both within their organizations and in their communities.

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The Inspired Leadership Initiative (ILI) is a program for accomplished individuals from all disciplines (business, non-profit, and academic, to name a few) who have completed their chosen careers and wish to spend an academic year at Notre Dame—taking advantage of the University's vast array of resources—to pivot to their next stage in life.

Accompanied by dedicated faculty and staff, ILI fellows have the unique opportunity to reflect on the past and shape the direction of their future, while also sharing wisdom, experience, and knowledge with the Notre Dame community.

The admissions application for the Third Cohort is now available.

Take your first step toward a year of discovery, discernment, and renewed purpose.