"You say 'retire,' I say 'refire'": Prolific author Kerry Hannon discusses ILI following recent visit to Notre Dame

Author: David Spicer

Hannon And Schreier

Last week, the Inspired Leadership Initiative (ILI) welcomed to campus Kerry Hannon. Hannon writes extensively on careers, entrepreneurship, personal finance, and issues commonly faced by people in their second half of life. During her visit, Hannon gave a talk to an audience consisting of both ILI fellows and community members, responding to questions posed by ILI Founding Director Thomas S. Schreier, Jr. Hannon discussed her new book, Never Too Old to Get Rich: The Entrepreneur’s Guide Starting a Business at Mid-Life, as well as her views on a wide range of topics, from transforming the way people think about retirement to female entrepreneurship and intergenerational collaboration in the marketplace. As a follow-up to her visit, Hannon wrote an article published by MarketWatch reflecting on the distinctive nature of the ILI program and her experience at the University of Notre Dame. The article also contains highlights from the conversations she had with Schreier throughout her visit.