Timi Griffin

Timi Griffin's career has followed a unique trajectory across a diversity of industries. She began her professional journey as a talk radio reporter and producer before transitioning to a career concentrated on behavioral therapy and mental health programs administration. She shifted her focus to organizational development (OD) and talent management (TM), going on to enjoy a successful 20+ year career in the field.

Timi worked in multiple industries and various corporations--large and small, public and private--  where she focused on leading global teams in the OD and TM spaces. Her industry expertise has allowed her to make a significant impact as an executive and leadership coach to senior and emerging leaders. Timi earned an MBA from the University of Notre Dame, as well as an MSW and a BA from Louisiana State University. She is an avid reader who enjoys exploring and taking on new challenges..She enjoys performance and visual art, visiting museums and galleries, adding to her own art collection and spending time with family.