Notre Dame’s Inspired Leadership Initiative welcomes its inaugural cohort to campus

Author: Inspired Leadership Initiative


NOTRE DAME, IN — The Inspired Leadership Initiative (ILI) at the University of Notre Dame has announced the individuals selected for its first cohort of ILI Fellows: 16 men and women from three continents, with professional backgrounds ranging from agriculture and sustainability on a global scale to immunological medicine and carbon steel manufacturing, as well as ventures in finance, law, engineering, technology, healthcare, communications, and strategic planning. These fellows have dedicated themselves to working in both the private and public sectors, with many serving in leadership roles and on the boards of nonprofits within their local communities, in addition to military service and professional endeavors to assist those in need.


The unifying characteristic of these fellows, however, is their powerful desire to pivot from their accomplished careers to being an even more powerful force for good.


“It is our sincere hope that the combination of the breadth of accomplishment embodied in our fellows with the resources of the University will lead to powerful, positive impacts that neither we nor our fellows would have ever imagined,” stated Tom Schreier, founding director of the Inspired Leadership Initiative. “We expect these impacts will be every bit as profound for the University and broader global community as they are for our fellows personally.”


To read more about the 2018-2019 ILI fellows, please visit:


More About Notre Dame’s Premier Encore Education Program


The ILI has been developed for accomplished leaders from all walks of life who have finished their traditional careers and are now looking to the future—a future that is rich and fulfilling. ILI Fellows are invited to Notre Dame for a one-year program, through which they study, discern, and launch the next phase of their lives as a renewed and amply prepared force for good in their own communities and beyond.


The ILI makes a wealth of resources available to fellows, having both a core and a tailored curriculum at its center, surrounded by both community and international engagement, as well as an invitation to grow spiritually. ILI Fellows are mentored and supported by Notre Dame's world-class faculty and staff, allowing them to engage with the University's rich academic environment as they seek out their individual callings.


With the support of campus leaders such as Rev. John I. Jenkins, University president, and Thomas G. Burish, University provost, fellows are given the opportunity to audit classes, attend lectures, engage with students, and access all of the campus resources and activities that Notre Dame has to offer. Meanwhile, a distinctive aspect of Notre Dame’s program is the opportunity for fellows to engage with the Notre Dame Global Gateways in places such as Beijing, Dublin, Rome, London, and Jerusalem. The culmination of all of these things is the opportunity for ILI Fellows to make a lasting impact—both on themselves and on the lives of others—through meaningful collaboration.


The Next Cohort


Admission to the 2019-2020 Cohort will begin in October of 2018. In the meantime, please visit the ILI website for more information: